“Life is so fresh, life is every day so new if we are fighting, only for the best. Sometimes I think the only real satisfaction in life is failure, failure in your endeavor to do your best” – Maude Adams

I am a person of average height and built, with ordinary looks, a decent education background and a regular job, mediocrity is the essence of my life! I remember, quite a few years back, when I was missing a teeth and barely 10, my dad telling me how in the next PT meeting ,he did not want to hear from my teachers that this girl could do so much better, that she is very bright but just does not work hard enough, that she probably could end up topping her class if she puts in that extra effort! Believe you me, that is all he heard throughout my school life(thank God daddy still loves me!) and probably still would hear the same thing from my bosses if I allow him to meet them. I am great at being average. I excel in being mediocre and I feel sooner or later , I’ll have to come to terms with it and I just may ,but the world standards of success will not let me. I start great , I am content too soon and all I want is a life that has every color, that has balance, that lets me slow down when I want to and fire up when the occasion comes, a life where I can be proud of who I am even if I haven’t gone about making the employee of the year, or conquering the world!I want to feel important even when I am munching on a bag doritos on a lazy Sunday morning,after a hectic work week while my colleague completes a much important module for the next big app to hit the market!


I did end up scoring a 90 above in my boards, did land up in a decent college, did bag a good job and I did enough to make my bosses think I was an excellent employee(good starter, remember!). But then, expectations grew and I could not keep up and now I am just an average employee of average importance to the company and this sometimes makes me feel so inadequate that words aren’t enough to express.I feel like a failure who must die before she consumes any more of world’s precious resources, reserved for over-achievers only!

But why should I the way I feel? Why should I not be allowed to revel in the fact that I make to office on time everyday, meet all deadlines, work extra hours whenever needed and then call it a day to relax at home! Why do I have to be more? Do more? Put in beyond my scope of work just to be appreciated as an asset at work! Why can’t my 100% be good enough?!

It can’t! in today’s fast life anyone who gives their hundred percent is just another average bloke who’ll for his remaining existence, work for his average life and die an average death.The problem with our generation is we’ve been made to believe that we are born for greatness and were destined to achieve more than our abilities normally convey, only if we put enough hard work in. That the world can fall on our feet and fairies can kiss our hands, only if we spend sleepless nights and not be idle ever and keep striding towards higher goals and not miss even a single opportunity bringing success! This yearning,waiting for greater success, leaves us unsatisfied ,drained and plain unhappy.Anyone who wants a slower, content, mediocre life is a failure with a capital F!

Isn’t this current industry standards asking for too much of an average person, which by the bell curve in statistics is 60% of our population?! If the entire world population were to fulfill all criteria and become “great”, would we all not be just average! What would be so great about being a Sachin Tendulkar if all cricketers were to play exactly as good as him!! With a world population of 7.4 billion as of August 2016, we may still not have another Mahatma Gandhi, an Albert Einstein, a John Lennon or a Mohammed Ali in our midst. Not all of us make a difference in the world.We can be good.Amazing too, if we dedicated all our whole life resource into perfecting just that one skill for success. But why ?At what cost? At the cost of our happiness? At the cost of our family? At the cost of life’s balance? At the cost of our inner peace ?

So no! I am not ready to give up my all just to be employee of the year or the next Pablo Picasso. I want to accept my defeat and stop worrying that I am not meeting expectations. I want to live in the moment, have an amazing marriage and beautiful kids, I want to keep a kitchen garden and paint, I want to breathe,I want to bake on Sundays and work to my bone on work weeks.My job is very important too.If all this leads to the path of immense success, that’d be something! but if that makes me mediocre,so be it! I will not have people tell me that I could do better, that my mediocrity is a sin.I will not hear it from a person who probably falls in the same 60% bracket of average achievers or even less, who knows?! Unless Bill Gates himself comes up to me and says that I could perform better in life overall, I am not hearing about this one bit!