A note to the procrastinator in you and me

“It all goes away. Eventually, everything goes away” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

I am still young! At 26 that’s safe to say? I can still add to my bucket list and let them sit for a while, until the right time comes. My aspirations can wait, the holidays I want to take can wait, the pottery classes, the restaurant of my dream, everything can wait. Yes in a way they can, assuming you don’t cease to exist anymore! There is no elegant way to put this, I am sorry. We are all turning into dust one day and clock does not seem to stop and what happens to the bucket list then? Does someone take the bucket and empty it in the garbage? Or does someone make it their own to fulfill your dreams so you can be at peace in heaven? Or do you leave no trace of it? Oh this is one depressing piece to write! And my hands are trembling and I almost do not want to complete it! But then, I am going to. For anyone else out there who is like me.



One thing that starting a blog has taught me is that there is no right time and the right time is now. There can be no better time than this current moment. We can make excuses and postpone things we love, things we want to do, people we want to be. I did! For years I wanted to start this blog right here.I was first waiting for my school to get over ,so I have more time and resources to spare. Graduation was a busy time. Then like everyone else in the country, where a degree is the only validation to your knowledge, I plunged into more studies, completing my Master’s! Also doing a full-time job side by side left me with no time! Or that’s what I felt!

And then it hit me! This way, I’d never find time to do anything other than the routine. What gave me the big jolt was the fact that I was getting married in 3 months(to the man of dreams, of course). So I was postponing writing a blog until I get married? Really?  Like I would have more time then! Or Until I have kids to look after? Or maybe until I would need my kids to look after me? What time was the right time?

So, finally on a Friday evening after a busy work day, I decided to write my first blog post(check it here). I realized, it took me only an hour, just one single teeny-tiny hour out of my very occupied life, that I thought,  I was leading! But the massive wave of blissful satisfaction, of pure joy ,that came from finally doing what I wanted to do,  was no comparison whatsoever, to the one lone hour that I had put in. I realized how much time I had wasted finding the right time, given that I was at my busiest, the day I started!

So go ahead! Begin somewhere! Take it one step at a time and you will be in awe with what you end up achieving, in awe of the monumentous memories you end up making, in awe of what you were capable of and didn’t know all this time. Take it slow. Don’t be fearful. I do not believe you need to excel(It’s okay to be average). I believe you need to enjoy the process. Uncomplicate things, be easy on yourself and just enjoy the time you spend perfecting a hobby or taking that Swedish massage in your resort at the foothills of Himalaya, or starting that tiny little vintage shop in your own garage!

I am not asking you to quit your job today, to do something more fulfilling! Because I belong to a third-world Country,  and that may be absolutely impractical to many of us! No, nothing drastic ! Just scour through your attractive list and find stuff that you can do now, safely, without risking a lot! Things that make you happy,things that are long pending, long awaiting your approval, long forgotten! Take that lone trip to Spain, or have that bachelorette party you never had, go start that you-tube channel, now, before its easier for you to say ‘I am too old’, or ‘I am too weak’, or ‘this is too obsolete’!

Go do it now, because the second thing that starting a blog has taught me , is that, you always find time for what you love. You just do!

Me? I am gonna go finally learn ballet.


20 thoughts on “A note to the procrastinator in you and me

  1. Of course you’re young at 26.. there’s a whole lot of life out there that you need to discover.. there’s a lot of time to be old.. enjoy yourself!
    Oh and by the way, that’s a lovely post you’ve composed..makes one realize how important it is to get over your fears and try things that you’ve never tried before 🙂

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  2. I agree with not rushing quitting job etc… It took me 2 years of thinking and exploring, and I am now taking the leap. Defo go through the bucket list and make it happens. You are young! lol From the age of 25, I made a point to do a big thing for me per year that would challenge me and help me remember the year! It has been 12 years now, and I don’t regret that decision at all! xxx

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    1. It’s such a wonderful idea to do something significant each year! We go through life so routinely, It just passes. And honestly most years are a blur to me! This is great, do you mind if I steal the idea ?!
      Thanks for all the positivity.. your comment made my day!


  3. Absolutely true. The right time is now and if I love it, I will give it time. It is not easy to face up to the concept of finite life. In a presentation I saw recently, the number of weeks in an average life were plotted on a slide to show how much time we have and that was an overwhelming and impactful point against procrastination.

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    1. True we really do not realize the amount of time we let slip by in the wait of that perfect moment to start what we love!! Thank you so much for stopping and giving my post time 🙂 This made me so happy 🙂


  4. I tell you, if it weren’t for ‘the last minute’, nothing in my life would ever get accomplished! Unfortunately, there are no deadlines on life achievements – not even age; only the ultimate “dead line”… I wish I could say I was a mere 26, instead of nearly double that (I said ‘nearly double’…), and yet just finding the courage to finish my master’s degree, start my own blog, and search for a new career path. However, if not today, then when, right? Here’s to the celebration of TODAY, and shaking off the trepidation and anxiety that leads to extenuated and prolonged procrastination.
    Truly enjoying your posts! Keep up the beautiful work!

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    1. Well it’s never too late to start something fresh isn’t it ?! 🙂 We just have to fight our fears about the unknown. Before starting the blog I had spent years visualizing it and waiting for the right time only to realize that I was letting precious time go by! I now believe you can do anything and at any time of your life, you just have to start somewhere, take that initial plunge and if you’re enjoying it, you will find time.
      Thank you loads for the encouragement, this gives me so much confidence to go on 🙂 To TODAY and a life full of NEW!! cheers! 🙂

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      1. minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years… decades… a lifetime of procrastination! don’t deny your heart its passion! for so long I’ve lived the “responsible life”, and now, I’m finally trying to rekindle my heart’s fire for what truly makes my soul come to life! It’s a slow, low glow right now, but soon – an inferno! And then, watch out! 🙂

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        1. Oh my God! This is exactly how I felt a while ago before I let go of my fears. How well put is this 🙂 We often do deny our heart it’s passion don’t we 🙂 And I really truly feel the world should be watching out for your fire!!! You are an amazing writer. I am so glad to have found your blog. Add me to your fan list! ❤


  5. Oh wow! This blog resonates so close with me as I am such a strong procrastinator! I agree with you 100% you always find time for the things you love! Thankyou for sharing!
    I found you on the community pool! It would be amazing if you could choose one of my blogs, read and comment on it.
    I just started out and am looking for some feedback 🙂

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