Mom just let me know this!

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it” – Mark Twain


Go take that vacation! Take that break.
You deserve it. You have done enough to earn it.

You’ve worked so hard, day and night.
You’ve packed lunches and changed diapers.
You’ve not let your babies out of sight.

You’ve ironed her dress and made sure his mood is proper.
You’ve made that presentation finally.
Also made sure the table is ready for supper.

You have sorted your budget and paid the bills.
The science project is finally done,
It’s dinner, you’ve heated the grills.

You’ve covered for the colleague who called in sick.
You’re making a birthday cake for the husband,
Worried of the ruined surprise, if he turns up quick.

You’ve missed your manicure appointment,
to help grandpa with his radio.
Duty bound, you’ve let a lot more forgo.

You’ve done enough, you’re tired now!
But you can’t just take that vacation, can you?!

Because you have the girl’s exam and the boy’s vaccine schedule to care about.
You have a loving husband whose work’s more important without a doubt.

You can’t just leave, you can’t just go.
A weekend picnic can’t take away your woe.

You sometimes resent but most times comply,
You love your family and that is what you live your life by.

You accept, you sacrifice, you let go
Mom just let me know……..
How do you do it all with a smile so sure ?!

This was my first attempt at poetry. I knew right away, it was my mum I wanted to write about. But across borders moms are just the same, I feel. With agile feet and lasting warmth, they are just there always, standing like a wall beside you…

Let me know how you liked it! Lots of love and calm your way.


24 thoughts on “Mom just let me know this!

  1. I will be honest here. I Love this… this is beyond a poem, these wonderful lines are the journey of a mother. How she complies with everything just like a machine that never fails. Her hard work is worth a.million praises. You have captured almost everything she does and how she feels towards the whole thing and keeps going selflessly. Beautiful.. you must write more…

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    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am not a mom yet… far from it ..But I believe it is the toughest job to do… Kudos to all mums out there including you!

      Also on a different note.. Your blog is amazing! I followed and I wish to read all you posts and imbibe all of the wonderful experiences you have to share 🙂 All the best and lots of love!

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  2. I enjoyed this poem, and I was able to relate it so much with how my mother lives her life. I sometimes cannot imagine how she manages to shoulder all the responsibilities.
    To all the good mothers out there, you are appreciated.

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