“Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.”
― Lady Gaga

I love her! No, not just her music! I love what she is and what she stands for!

2009 saw me hooked to Bad Romance. I’d play it in a loop. The happy hormones would flood my brain. The catchy tune and the raw lyrics were so fun to sing along loud. It had quickly become a hot favorite.

Still a teen, I really did not attach too much importance to the lyrics. Neither was I interested in the accompanying Music video. Or to put it in a more honest way, I did not get it! All I saw was a singer, talented, pretty, outrageously dressed(which I quite liked), dancing to the quirkiest moves I had ever come across and hitting all the right notes, both figuratively and literally!

She was cool pop star.

I heard some of her older songs like Poker faceEdge of Glory and Paparazzi. They were all so great and I was playing them on repeat but she was still just a pop star to me, until..


2011, when she launched her second full-length album Born This Way and had the entire world captivated again. Her Title track with the same name touched me on so many levels.

The words…

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

were wise and rarely heard. Lady Gaga had arrived.. Into my life!

Not a teen anymore, a college goer, starting to develop newer insecurities, with no parents to hide behind, exposed to the world with a sudden jolt, I was clueless. A compulsive people pleaser. Someone who was preached obedience and professed conforming! Someone who was taught to mind boundaries, to never cross them. I could never really be myself.

I was fearful! Fearful of what others would make of me. Of their opinions and their lack of valuable validation. I was fearful they would write me off for being too shy or too talkative. For putting too much makeup or looking too drab. For being too healthy or just a tad bit skinny. For being too timid or wanting too much too fast. I would think a hundred times before I said something and a million times before I put on that red lipstick.

But then there was Lady Gaga, unleashing her awesomeness in the Music industry, despite standing tall at only five feet one (exactly my height), with face that was arguably not extraordinary, having been in a dear but failed relationship(which inspired the song You and I), with an army of people hell-bent on writing her off for being too different or too new, her struggles seemed a lot more real than mine.Yet, she did not give up being herself. And that’s what kept me inspired.

She drowned all fears and let loose on the world that was obsessed with rules. She meticulously carved a niche for herself. She was like no other.Be it her meat dress or her provocative, outlandish music videos, she kept entertaining, the best she could all the while staying true to herself.

Had she been fearful, would her success be possible? Had she conformed, would her albums be chart busters? Had she tried blending in, would she stand out like a dazzling star today!  Of course her being immensely talented was a huge factor, but it was her wild confidence and self-esteem as high as her heels that got her where she is today!

The world knew Gaga as a Singer, songwriter and actress, a fashion icon, a philanthropist, an activist but she called herself ‘a freak’. In one of my favorite interviews of her with Ellen Degenerous, she said.

well, the whole point of what I do, the monster ball, the music, the performance and other aspect of it, is that I wanna create a space for my fans where they can feel free, where they can celebrate, because I didn’t fit in high school and I felt like a freak, So I like to create this atmosphere for my fans, where they can feel like they have a freak in me to hangout with and not feel lonely

I got the message loud and clear. She didn’t want me to feel lonely, or one of you out there! She was telling us to embrace ourselves just the way we were! Stop doubting and start ignoring. All the negativity, all the criticism.

I realized, You could  do everything right and people would still have a word or two to say about you. So why care! As long as you’re paying your own bills, you can pave your own path.

Next time you feel you do not fit in, accept it. Accept you’re different but still awesome. Don’t feel lonely, do not ever feel afraid.  Realize you’re one in a million and you just might be the next Lady Gaga in your own respective sphere! You’ll be as loved and adored as she is!

So, put you paws out there baby! Come on embrace the Lady Gaga in you! Be outlandish, be free, Be Gaga!