“There is nothing so rewarding as to make people realize they are worthwhile in this world” – Bob Anderson

Right off the bat, I have not won a lot of things in life! Appreciation has always come few and far between. So waking up to this made me so happy!

Here’s Zainab sharing her stories in her beautiful blog site https://zenyswords.wordpress.com/
I thank her immensely for considering my faint little effort at something I enjoy .


Here are the rules :

  • You have to accept the award.
  • You have to ackowledge the person who nominated you.
  • Provide a link to that blogger’s blog.
  • Answer 11 questions asked by the person nominating you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the Award.
  • Ask 11 questions to the nominees.
  • Provide a link to the nominees’ blog.
  • Inform /Notify the Nominees about the Award.

Here’s Zainab’s questions and my answers:

  1. Describe yourself in short : Probably one question I have never been able to answer satisfactorily. Most times, when I am asked this, I just say, “I am nice”!
  2. Introvert, extrovert or ambivert? : Thank God I got to know, you can also be an ambivert, if not an extrovert or an introvert!  I definitely knew I fall in neither category!
  3. What do you like about blogging? : The fact that I connect with such beautiful intellectual souls on a daily basis. Fills my energy tank right up!
  4. What is the story behind your blog name? : No story, just the constant state of my mind. The chaos accompanies my head from morning to night and I love it!
  5. What is your favorite childhood memory? : Has to be all the winter holidays I spent at my Grand-mom’s with all us cousins holed up in the beautiful, but tiny apartment. That was a magical time!
  6. List 5 things you can never get bored of : Bengali food,
    more shopping, my family and friends, romance in all forms, art.
  7. What makes you angry? : Injustice! Wherever I see one.
  8. What are your hobbies? Anything that involves creativity captivates my mind, I like to try a lot of things.
  9. What is your favorite place to hangout? : Anyplace that my friends and family have gathered. Could be just my apartment building. To me, the company matters most.
  10. What do you think of my blog? : It’s great, I love your poems!
  11. How were the questions? : Wonderful! I had a great time knowing myself through your questions😀

I would nominate a few fellow bloggers. They are all so lovely, I cannot start to describe in words.


You may not participate if it doesn’t suit you 🙂

My questions : (I tried making the questions informative, so your readers get to know you better)

  1. Who named you as a baby and what does your name mean?
  2. Something about the place you were born and the place you live in now?
  3. Ideologies behind your blog?
  4. Do you regret anything in life?
  5. What is the one thing that calms you in the face of chaos?
  6. One thing you want to reveal to your readers that is not out there yet?
  7. Who is your inspiration in life?
  8. Comfort food?
  9. The top item in your current bucket list?
  10. Thing that your most afraid of?
  11. This is a selfish one.Have you read my blog? What can I change to make it better?

Thanks again Zainab. Blogging has been so wonderful for me. And when your fellow bloggers recognize and applaud you, you can’t help but feel on top of the world!

Love to all of you. Please comment,share and follow. It will mean a lot to me!