‘Tis the wedding season in India and can you blame me for being excited! Weddings are a big affair anywhere in the world. No different back home! Indian weddings are bold ,bright, garish, glamorous, expensive, expressive, loud, lovely events that span from anywhere around three to seven days and promise everyone attending the time of their lives. The food and wine never stop flowing and of course the DJ never rests!!

So here’s ten Bollywood ‘shaadi’ songs to add to your playlist this season!

1. London Thumakda – This has to be my favourite hands down.This is a typical small town, down to earth Punjabi wedding set up where Rani our bride is seen dancing in her mehendi ceremony. That’s the day she gets her henna tattoo. So Rani is going to be married to a guy who lives in London, and people sing to her that when she dances, entire London does!! So well shot and picturised, you can’t take your eyes of it. Especially around the 3 minute mark you can see the bride’s mom looking at the ecstatic, dancing bride with happy tears in her eyes. It never fails to moisten my eyes too. Have fun with this one!>

2 .Navrai Majhi – This is a Marathi-Hindi song featuring Sridevi as the bride’s aunt who steals the show and how! The scene is when the entire family gets together with the wedding preparations and it’s really not that uncommon for people in Indian weddings to randomly break into a song and dance. I guess all Indians have a little bit of Bollywood in them!

3. Iski-Uski – From the sweet and mellow let’s jump right into another high-energy Punjabi ‘Engagement Ceremony‘ or ‘Ring Ceremony’. This is the day the bride and groom are officially announced to the rest of the family. It stars Alia who plays a girl from South of India attending a Punjabi wedding, which is completely opposite to the more demure south-style Malayalee weddings. She’s initially awed by the extravagance and the intensity, but later joins the fun!

4.Ullam Paadum – Another one from the same movie as the last one, Two-States. A beautiful wedding song from down South in the Malayalam Language.This is when the protagonists get married themselves. Unfortunately this does not have an official video but a fan compiled one with beautiful scenes from the movie

5.Chenna Mereya – Freshly out of the oven, this is from the movie ‘Ae dil hai Mushkil’ and It has quickly become a favorite. Ranbir is fabulous playing Anushka’s closest friend who clearly had a thing for her in the past! It breaks your heart when he sings her goodbye at her wedding and says ‘I take away all your darkness and give you my shining light forever’. Oh the feels!

6.Nach Dene – Put on those dancing shoes for this one and have Katrina Kaif guide you with fun, electric, over-the-top, Bollywood moves! Be mesmerized with the colors and grandeur . Let your energy soar!

7. Mangalyam – This song from way back in 2002 is from my favorite movie of all times. Stars Vivek Oberoi, the first man I ever crushed on! The song’s so pretty and the accompanying video is so special. Here the bride and groom are secretly tying the knot without the consent of their parents. They are beaming with joy as they go ahead with a simple ‘temple marriage’ followed by a court marriage. Ah their happy faces warm me up each time!

8. Mahi Ve – This meticulously choreographed out-and-out Bollywood ‘Engagement’ song from 2003, that stars our very own King Khan has to make you tap your feet. With many colors and emotions portrayed through the video, It’s a treat to watch all the family get-together to put a smile on the bride played by Preity Zinta. The song is so soothing and melodious, you’ll have a smile on you too at the end of it.

9. Gal mithi mithi – Another fun number, from the movie Ayesha. Stars the ever so stylish Sonam Kapoor. The women are wearing traditional Kerala White and Gold border ‘sarees’ and the men look dapper wearing mostly red ‘Kurtas’. It’s a fun family affair this wedding and you’re all invited!

10. Kabira – Saving the best for the last, giving you Kabira! One of my favourite songs of all time. The scene is of three best friends attending the wedding of the fourth. They’re all so happy but still a little sad with everyone having unique back stories they’re all experiencing a bunch of emotions as they see their best friend in her bridal attire looking so stunning and wishing her the best of the world. Plunge into the song, you’re sure to enjoy it!

So with this I come to the end of the list. I hope you enjoyed all the songs. let me know your favorite wedding song picks in the comments. I love music and would listen to all of your suggestions. Also please like and follow. It would mean a lot to me.

Thank you for spending time with me. All my love and calm!