The fondest memories of my childhood involve me watching my mum line her waterline with kohl everyday as a habit. She has the most beautiful eyes and the kajal would so wonderfully add to the magic in them. I’d beg her to line my eyes too and she’d do that only on special occasions and I’d garner quite a lot of compliments.

Years later, In college the heavy liner/kohl grunge look was my go-to. Can you blame a 90’s kid! Without it I would just not look like me at all.

A few more years later, now, I love me some subtle feline flick for everyday. I still can’t go out without it. I run out of my kohl/kajal/eyeliner really fast and I was on a hunt to find something more pocket friendly, yet something that would stay for at least 6-7 hours without murderously smudging on my eyes. I think my wait is over!


I ordered the ADS 2 in 1 gel eyeliner from a few weeks back and here’s my review.


What the package includes:

  • It comes in a long cardboard carton which has the gel eyeliner tub and a brush.
  • Tub itself is two-tiered. The upper one clicks open to a black “eye powder”. Which is basically black eye shadow and can be used to set the gel eye liner for it to stay on lid/waterline for a much longer time
  • If you rotate open the second tier you’d find the gel eyeliner. The gel formula is quite creamy and it is extremely pigmented.
  • There is a double ended brush you get in the package which I think is great for the price. The brush itself is of decent quality. The tapered end of the brush can be used to draw both fine or a thick line on both your upper lid or waterline. The flat end of the brush can be used to pick up the eye powder and set the gel liner.
  • bonus! There is a cute little, usable mirror when you open the first tier for when you need to fix you eyeliner on the go.



Left top: eyeliner swatch. Left bottom: eye powder swatch.

Cost: 190 INR on amazon + 50 INR delivery charges. Link

My Review:


  • For the price point, the ADS gel liner is bang on your bucks. For as low as 250 INR, you get a lot of product.
  • The eyeliner is creamy and pigmented, glides easily on fairly easily on your lids/waterline. Although it takes some time to dry up(2-3 minutes), once set it does not budge for 5-6 hours.
  • The eye powder itself is also pigmented and prolongs the life of your eyeliner by another 2-3 hours. I have tried using it as an eye shadow  on the outer crease and found it to be quite blendable.
  • The brush is very good quality.
  • It is waterproof and comes off  easily with a remover/cleanser.
  • It did not cause me any irritation on lids/waterline whatsoever. Some eyeliners/kohls that I have tried in the past do sting on the waterline, hence I was very happy with the buy.


  • I found the quality of the gel liner inferior to the Maybelline Eye-studio gel liner. This one in comparison is less smooth and kind of flakes on drying up. Also in comparison the ADS liner glides less smoothly. But there is stark difference in the prices of both and it maybe a little unfair to compare
  • The brush does not have a cap like Maybelline gel liner, hence it may get messy if you decide to put it back in your vanity without a cleanup.


  • Yes of course, Although I am an ardent fan of the Maybelline gel eyeliner, it gets expensive for daily wear. I’d rather reserve it for special occasions. This on the other hand, is similar in performance and my pocket is extremely happy for it.
  • Plus ADS is a home-grown brand and is belting out quite a few amazing products at great prices, that can sure give competition to higher end products, I am here to support!

Thank you for reading this out. Please let me know in the comments how you liked my review, let me know your experience with it, would you buy or not, what is you favorite eyeliner/kohl pencil out there, I’d like to know all!