I wrote a post a while back(here) about how my current job isn’t as satisfactory as I’d like it to be. But to be honest thanks to my work, I’ve traveled quite a bit and that’s one reason I am not being able to give up on it so easy! I recently visited the beautiful land down under, Australia. I have never met people as warm and as friendly as there. I have intended to write a post about it and I might do it soon but this one’s about the makeup I picked up there.

I did a full haul and will probably not review all of the products I got from there. But this tiny little palette is stealing my heart everyday with it’s brilliance.



It originally came in a cardboard packaging which I conveniently have tossed away. And from the looks of it you’d know I use this product a lot! I find the packaging quite convenient and fairly sturdy for the price point


Brace yourself, it’s only 2 AUD. Tell me you have a reason not to get it!

Shades in the palette


Product Description:

It’s an eye shadow quad, with four eye shadows. They are fairly pigmented and soft blendable colors.

Top left(above picture): it’s a satin purple shade, almost matte. It’s beautiful for brown eyes like mine. Extremely pigmented and poppy, this shade is my favorite in the palette

Bottom left: Darker purple shade with similar finish. It had less pigment but still is buildable and be used to create smokey purple eyes.

Top right: pearly shimmer shade which has pink undertones. Extremely beautiful and pigmented this shade. I use it on top of my lids almost everyday and in the inner corners and brow bone as a highlight.

Bottom right: Darkest puple, almost black satin/matte shade. I love using this color on a wet brush to line my upper lid to create a purple-black liner look.



Here’s a look I created only this mini palette:


Here’s how I achieved it:

  • I took the lightest purple shade on a round fluffy brush and used it all over my crease. I took my time building the color to the right intensity
  • Next I took the darker purple to deepen the crease
  • The darkest purple-black shade I used on the outer lid space and inner most lid space leaving a bit of space in the middle of the lid to create a halo eye
  • In the middle of the lid I placed the shimmer pink shade which in the photograph looks blue IDK why!
  • I put on some lashes, lined my eyes and and used the lightest purple on the lower lids
  • Once everything looked okay, I highlighted the inner corner of my eyes and my brow bone using the pink shimmer shade

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