Being a makeup addict in India is really hard! Most of the high quality makeup available in the markets are of brands outside of here, hence they’re pricey to say the least.

For e.g pressed glitters, foiled shadows aren’t just available in every beauty store you visit, and even if they are, they’ll be burning a huge hole in your pocket.

Hence DIY is the way to go especially if it’s as easy as this and practically takes no extra bucks!

I am sure everyone by now knows this, but honestly I very recently discovered how pigmented and foiled my shadows look with the technique, I’m sharing and hopefully helps some one!

What you’ll need:

  • Eye shadow from an old palette you’re ready to destroy
  • Lens solution /water
  • flat eye shadow brush

That’s it!


1. Take an old eyeshadow palette

IMG_2826 - Copy

2. Choose the shadow you want to foil and scrape some shadow using a spatula or the back of your brush

IMG_2833 - Copy


3. Here’s where your lens solution takes a grand entry. If you don’t have one casually lying in the house, use water!

IMG_2823 - Copy

4. In a small tray/plate put the shadow powder you created, pour only a drop or two of the lens solution and then mix it with your brush

IMG_2834 - Copy

IMG_2835 - Copy

5. Here’s the drastic swatch comparison!

IMG_2839 - Copy

  • The first one is using a dry brush! This shadow just sis not swatch well!
  • The next one is when I wet my brush using the lens solution. It was decent swatch
  • The third is when I went foiling the shadow like I told you! Tell me, you impressed?

Here’s a quick eye look i did using the shadow. Previously this particular shadow would just not show up on my lids due to it’s weak pigmentation


That’s all for today! This was a silly, fun post and I hope it helped at least one person. If you liked what you read/saw please let me know in the comments section. Your encouragement in invaluable ā¤

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